The part-time job that men want is a player!

There are things to be careful about while being a host. Let's find out what kind of things there are in Players. You have to meet your madam well. There are all sorts of madam stories in this world. Madame who doesn't take care of T.C. There is also a madam who gives good T-C and rarely signs when he starts working. As such, Madame's competence in this field is great, it is important to meet Madame as well as possible, and if not, you should make her noticeable.

Don't let a girl make you happy. In other words, it's better not to trust anyone in the world of painting. That is not to say that the person who is working as a male helper is bad. Just because a person is a person who lives and sees himself/herself first when he/she is in danger of bursting, focus on his/her work because it is for the purpose of money. Friendship, loyalty, and uselessness, and it is wisest to keep some distance.

There are quite a few people who believe in people and fall into gambling while doing part-time jobs 선수다. If you reflect on your first reason for being in the middle school, you will never be able to achieve it if you are into gambling and women. You should never get close to gambling. There are quite a few reports of men playing cards and gambling in the waiting room. I hope you think carefully about whether you have fallen or made money. It's better to do something to develop yourself at that time.

Of course, the environment will not follow, but it is much more helpful to find ways to decorate yourself, such as looking for information on fashion or hairstyle. Recently, as the perception of host clubs has changed, more and more men are also looking for male player part-time jobs. It is clear that tall and handsome faces are advantageous if they have only two physical conditions. This is a fact that no one can deny, so there are many advantages if you are outstanding in appearance.

However, I think it is the difference between hostess and host that this is not everything to the host. Each woman is subjective and has different standards, so it cannot be the answer. You need to have a personal talent. In society, I think that individual skills are important to the host, as men call them abilities. I think it can be important enough to replace appearance for a host. It is also advantageous to have a sense of humor.

No matter how handsome you are, you don't do anything like a barley bag that you sit next to you and dream of, and if it's not fun, customers hate it. He's handsome, but he's not funny, and he has nothing to say, so he's bound to be disqualified as a player. Singing ability can also be my weapon. In fact, there are many hosts who used to be singers or used to be musicians, especially vocals. These men can really appeal to everything they live on by singing. If the song is as good as a singer even if it doesn't look good, it can appeal its charm enough, and this is another way to appeal to women.

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